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Everything Home Buyers Must Realize

I am sure everyone has read the news reports regarding the sheer quantity of homes going to foreclosure, but how do you go about getting one? To begin there are many Venice CA homes for sale which are being auctioned off right as we speak so research into that.

Firstly, it is advisable to sit down and have a think about the statements listed below:

1. Federal Tax

2. State Tax

3. Local Tax

4. 1st. Mortgage recorded. (normally, this is the primary mortgage)

5. 2nd Mortgage recorded (commonly another kind of credit).

1. One scenario could be that the property has $200,000 in the first mortgage, $10,000 in tax liens, and $50,000 in a second mortgage. The house is auctioned for $205,000. Well firstly the tax would be paid, then the primary mortgage, and then any leftover money would be paid to the remaining creditors. The new buyer would then own the home outright with no existing debts from the previous owners. (This is certainly never guaranteed though, it all depends on the regulations in force in your area.) In the Venice district, the regulations regarding Venice CA homes for sale are very harsh.

2. The property has 50K in tax liens and is foreclosed by the government for TAX Sale. The house in this example is also linked to an extra mortgage of $250,000. This clears the tax lien that foreclosed and usually all subordinate liens. When this occurs the primary mortgage creditor will bid on the home to protect their financial interests in the property.

I hope this info has helped to demonstrate to you the risks involved with foreclosure properties. It is a long way from the relaxed and attractive transaction which many people seem to see it as. There are several other options you have.

1. Of course there is the standard option of just purchasing a house through the normal channels i.e. through a real estate agent. In this case, banks will commonly lower their lien to avoid the chance of a foreclosure. This process could have prevented Venice CA houses from going up for sale.

2. It is also possible to actually purchase homes directly from banks. Banks also commonly use realtors to advertise their properties available for purchase, so contracting a REALTOR will aid you in this process. Just before I forget though, if anyone is looking for homes in California, check this resource out Venice CA homes for sale.

Foreclosed homes often allow new buyers to get into the market. However, as with most things that seem too good to be true, foreclosure properties also present a great risk to the potential buyer. You have to make yourself fully alert to the regulations and rules related to purchasing a property like this.

Make certain you hire the services of a licensed REALTOR. Your contact, which must be prepared professionally, should ensure that the home you are considering purchasing is completely clear of all liens or the closing will not occur. You’ve probably seen the news articles about how those purchasing Venice CA homes for sale were recently caught out by not carrying out proper research.

Best of luck if you are intending to buy a property through this means. For those who are looking to buy a house in a much less risky manner, call a REALTOR and let the shopping begin. Real estate agents have responded recently in a positive manner to the masses of people wanting to move to Venice by locating Venice CA homes for sale.

(The info contained within this article is solely provided for your information. Local Laws and ordinances will dictate the exact foreclosure process in your area. You need to validate the local laws/ordinances as they will supersede any information contained here within.) If you’re searching for homes in Cali, then you may want to look into Venice CA homes for sale.

Buyer Tips and Tricks

Prior to agreeing to take a mortgage out on a home you really need to look at what the financial implications for you are going to be. You need to wholly want to live in a certain area before committing to a mortgage for a property there, my ideal location is Venice CA, just search for Venice CA homes for sale. The interest rate of the loan will have a big impact in terms of your monthly commitment to repayment. When you feel that you are ready to start looking at credit options for homes then look at the following. Before I forget though, if you are searching for a home in Venice CA, California, then do a search for: Venice CA homes for sale.

To be eligible for a good interest rate you will need to have an excellent credit score. Before applying for a loan, the borrower should obtain a free copy of their credit profile and check it carefully for any mistakes. If errors do exist then you will have to dispute them and have them corrected if possible, you can do this via contacting the credit bureau.

A good way to ensure that your credit score will be of an acceptable standard is to always make bill payments on time. What a lender wants to ensure, is that you will be in a position to be able to make repayments and that you will actually repay them on time, a problem that those with Venice CA homes for sale certainly do not have. The worst thing that could possibly happen is if you miss a payment when you have recently applied for credit, the rates of interest offered will most likely be massive.

When obtaining a mortgage, it is of paramount importance that that is your only application for credit at that time. Every time someone applies for credit, it has an impact on their score and could potentially lower it by as much as twelve points. By reducing your debts you will be offered the best rates.

After you have sorted your credit rating out, the next step is to slowly start looking at the best mortgage deals out there. Generally speaking – never take the first offer you receive. You should never be paying more than $1500 max in setup fees for your mortgage, if you do then even if you receive what you feel to be low-interest rates, this benefit often is balanced out through the higher start-up fees. Also, check on the internet and in the local paper for further options. A popular advert I noticed recently was one for Venice CA homes for sale.

With regards to obtaining the best interest rate to buy a house, the most important thing that someone can do is raise their credit score. Your credit score will have the greatest impact on their decision whether to lend to you or not and also what interest rates to offer you. A high credit score will mean that you will always be offered the best offer they have. I have noticed that some of the best deals come in California, particularly Venice, so I’m looking for Venice CA homes for sale.

A common way to get more out of your home is through Fast Home Equity Loans. These kinds of loans seem to be popular where I’m currently looking to relocate to, in particular, Venice CA homes for sale. To learn more about them, perform a google search. Another excellent loan option comes in the form of a Stated Income Loan, look at this also. On a concluding note though, if you are looking for a property in California then check out Venice CA homes for sale.

About the author: Trace Keasler is a licensed broker serving Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Torrance since 1989.

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