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With the credit crunch still very much in effect, many people have been put off the moving house. Due to the large fall in the value of houses in general, far too many of us have been unable to find a good price for our homes, meaning relocating is essentially out of the question. Despite this, there are many inherent benefits in moving abroad. Just for starters, moving to a foreign country brings with it the sun and lifestyle associated with a holiday, but all year round. Especially popular countries where British citizens go to live include Spain, France, and Australia. These countries host cultures and lifestyles that are not too different from our own, yet offer a much more appealing climate. Furthermore, with the advent of modern technology and the dawn of the online age, it is now possible to property hunt abroad without leaving the house you’re already in, via the internet. There are currently many sites that provide this service providing you with a vast range of choices.

Let’s look more closely at the options. Spain, Australia, and France, of course, all hold the advantage of having nice weather, and a warm climate. But while Spain and Australia are somewhat limited in the lifestyles they offer, France is much more varied. You can choose between a small rural village in the mountains or the bustling city life of Paris, or you could even opt for the best of both worlds in somewhere like Nice, a busy city on its own, but not far from the quiet rural escapes of a small village. Moreover, it’s a city that is only mere minutes from the Italian border. France really is right in the hub of Europe, bordering Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and via the Channel Tunnel, Britain. You have more travel opportunities at your disposal in France than almost anywhere in Europe. It’s a short journey through Belgium to the Netherlands too.

Living in France is made all the more viable by the fact that the cost of living there is significantly lower than in other Western nations, including the UK-in some circumstances, one can live with monthly bills of a mere 100 Euros.

For those with a little more cash to burn, however, France is also famously recognized as a center of fine dining and cuisine. The award-winning wines and cheeses offer something for most connoisseurs in this center of fine dining. The culture is both familiar and different, meaning you can enjoy new experiences in a comfortable environment. Whether you want to try some snails or shop for a different style of clothes, France can give your lifestyle a breath of fresh air. With Paris being claimed as the “fashion capital of the world”, shopaholics can have heaven at their doorsteps.

You shouldn’t fear the prospect of buying a property in France. Many websites can make the entire process extremely clear so that you know exactly what is going on. These companies offer you a wide range of properties from different locations and sizes. With these online property sites making moving abroad extremely easy you have no reason to deny moving to France a consideration.

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